"You dance with your whole being. Your dancing was the highlight of my party". Venus

"I know that I would never had persisted with Yoga for so many years without your gentle guidance and acceptance. I also know that if is the best gift I have given my body and mind. You are a very gifted yoga teacher and a wonderful person." Linda

"You and Mama Jenaeni are legends that light the way for me." Ansuya

"Divine Feminine~ I feel that about you with your dances and movement...especially with the ancient ones...it encompasses a full expression, mystique, magic, strength, joy and scaredness of the feminine as well as becoming part of the elements of nature. To see your love and passion in performing and sharing and helping women feel and find their way back to the incredible being they they really are...seeing themselves unfold and blossom in the sweetness and power of their own glory and unashamedly embrace their expression of it. Not just any person or teacher really understands the power and real meaning of ancient dances in this way. It takes a very special woman to be able to present that very expense and depth of the Divine Feminine. Your students are very lucky to have crossed paths." Summer

"Thank you for showing us how to truly find our self."

"For one hour we were a powerful community of women." Ashley

"Aleili's classes alway leave me feeling great about myself. It has improved my self image and has shown me that important thing is trying my hardest and working less about being  'perfect'. Aleili is the best dance instructor I have ever had. Her instructions are clear and she corrects without being critical." Patty

"You have helped me to find the courage to grow." Amanda

"I want you to know that Belly Dancing and Restorative Yoga have begun to really lift me up in many ways. Physically in my everyday posture awareness, emotionally as I continue to heal from negative thoughts, and spiritually awakening me as a woman and as a human soul. My feminine re-awakending is giving me a previously lost desire to seek a male companion. So even though I am dance-step-challenged and uncoordinated, I love the dopamine high from Belly Dancing and how great my body feels! That's what you saw last night in class, more confidence and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for all those above priceless gifts you have bestowed upon me. You are a beautiful spirit, mentor and friend!" Cat

"You are absolutely the brightest spot in my week."

"Thank you for all you have taught me about my heart and how to follow it. I am so grateful that you are my teacher, mentor and inspiration." Laurie

"Your gracious qualities combined with your strength and vitality are an inspiration to me." Maxine

"My American Cabaret 'Momma";

Despite only studying with Aleili for a couple of years, her 'old school' American Cabaret and folkloric style were a big influence on who I am today. That love for old school style still runs in my veins. Learning to play various finger cymbal patterns while dancing classic choreographies was a treat for me and is a skill I have built upon over the years. It was through her classes I developed an appreciation and greater understanding of Yoga as a tool for Bellydance strength and flexibility. In her troupe The Veils of the Nile, I gained more stage experience and met my next troupe-mates." Mahira